A new blog! Why ffs?!

to lose the small group of intermittent followers and half-interested stragglers i had accumulated at the idiot and the dog.

Do people really write or read blogs any more?

not really no.

What'll it be about?

usually stuff i've read. it'd be nice to think i might also engage with stuff outside books, but reality isn't really a field of what limited expertise i have and i make no promises, least of all to myself. at least part of this - waves hand - thing, is an exercise in hiding.

there'll be some fall stuff no doubt.

no doubt.

what else?

i might repost some of the small amount of stuffing from the idiot and the dog that i thought was worthwhile in some way.

exciting! why diasyrmus?

the rhetorical technique of mockery and mocking laughter, usually by comparison (tho all mockery is a form of comparison - it is a making small). it is a weapon available to all for better or for worse; it is not a generally considered a polite, well-regarded or judicious technique. for that reason it might be considered particularly useful for those classes of society not so enfranchised with the cultural, political, economic or social power of those who tend to use the polite, well-regarded and judicious as exclusionary techniques to preserve their status and capital, both cultural and material.

that said, it is a technique also used by the powerful against the vulnerable, though i like to think that there it tends to revolt in the user's hands, exposing their boorishness, thoughtlessness and belligerence by the very fact of its use, cutting the wielder with the same stroke intended for its target.

there is no doubt it is destructive: that is its point.

it is the laughter jean-baptiste clamence hears at the beginning of the fall.

it is gnostic and shares with satire and heavy drinking a spiritual power derived from the total spiritual and sometimes physical abasement of its wielder and more often than not their complete degradation and destruction. its mode and manner is ugliness, flesh and vulgarity. tear him for his bad verses.

it is the laughter of pantagruel and gargantua.

i used to enjoy entering into the theory and practice of all this, but it sits badly with me now and this blog is intended to be pastoral, in the main: the larch grove and field-path. a retiring bookish place.

i'm using 'diasyrmus' partly for intellectually sentimental reasons, but perhaps also partly as a guard, an indication of the final recourse.

there is always behind the pastoral tapestry darkness, oblivion and death, whose cold winds shake the pleasant backdrop. the great aim of mockery is to make little that oblivion. it destroys with life that which death would take.

the secret meaning of the fresco by primaticcio, which provides the blog's banner, alludes at least in part to these matters. the goat - as well as dancing with indifferent caprice across the boundary between being and nothingness - is after all a pastoral symbol.